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OFFERING / FOR SALE: Methanol and Rapicon for glow engine of Remote Control car

Location: Kalookan
Date posted:
Transaction type: OFFERING / FOR SALE
Posted by: highchemtrading.myweb.ph
Price: 1600
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METHANOL 99.85 - 99.99% purity (Methyl alcohol)
Php 200.00/gallon (3.785 Liters)
Php 1,000.00/carboy (20 Liters)
Php 8,000/Steel Drum (200 Liters)

Description: Water content 0.02 - 0.04%, sp. gravity at 20*C --0.7928, Volatile, colorless, Flammable
Uses: antifreeze, racing gas, racing fuel, biodiesel making, fuel for glow engine of radio control race car
Methanol is hygroscopic, can absorb water vapor from atmosphere, and may dilute the fuel value thus affecting the engine performance of RC toy race car, RC plane, RC helicopter, etc.
Methanol containers must always be kept tightly sealed to minimize air contact.

RAPICON MAX POWER RC FUEL 30% Nitromethane/ 9% oil (CAR 30/1 gallon/ 9%) RC heli fuel, 30%nitro helicopter fuel*
NITRO FUEL - All synthetic lubricant / Excellent idle / Quality control / Minimum residue on model

RAPICON 30% nitro/9% oil
price: 1,600 / gallon
RAPICON 30% nitro/11% oil
price: 1,300/gallon
RAPICON 30% nitro/22% oil [HELI 30]
price: 1,600 / gallon

**Pick-up only. No delivery**
109 Mt.Natib st. San Jose, Bgy 127, Caloocan City
TEL/fax.#(02) 362-2011 ; (02) 363-8360

Landline: 362 2011
Cellphone: 0917 571 1689
Email: highchemtrading[at]yahoo[dotcom]

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